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The Pilatus R35 - An Australian Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R

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Meet the Pilatus R35.

Sponsored by The Tuners Group, this car is one of the most highly developed R35's in Australia.

This car is one of the first R35's in Australia to receive serious modifications.

While many R35 GT-R owners have been worried about modifying their cars, the owner of this car has jumped right into modifying his R35 with gusto and a no compromise, engineering driven, high quality parts approach.

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In terms of body modifications, the car has carbon fibre intakes, bonnet, bootlid, vents and parcel shelf and a pre-preg carbon fibre rear wing.

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Brakes are carbon ceramic brake disks.

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Engine wise, as well as the carbon intakes, the car sports dual ARC intercoolers, fed by upgraded turbochargers. The Australian built turbos use IHI cores but with ball bearings to help with faster spool up.

Fuel is delivered by 800cc injectors.

To keep the car cool, the car runs a rear differential cooler, transmission cooler pan, and a front mounted transmission cooler. The car also runs a high volume oil pan, which allows the GT-R to hold 7 litres of engine oil.

To get all the power to the ground, the car runs a very special transmission, hand assembled and blueprinted with a bunch of strengthened internals, and engineered to handle 700 hp continuous.

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In the cockpit, the car sports a set of carbon fibre seats for road use, and Velo seats for track use.

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The steering wheel is attached to one of our paddle shifter assemblies that rotates with the steering wheel and incorporates a quick release.

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The car won the 2011 Mt Alma Mile Hillclimb, taking the class win and the outright win against a very competitive field. An article about the car's win at the 2011 Mt Alma Mile Hillclimb can be found here ...

The car still has some very serious modifications yet to come - stay tuned for updates.

Photo Gallery and video

Click here to view a photo gallery of more photos of this car.

Incar video of the car can be viewed here ...

We have 3 different paddle shifter bundles available for the R35 GT-R, please contact us for more information

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