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Below you can find info about our Engineering & Development Team projects, customers' cars, racing project builds, and some racecars which we sponsor.

As you can see below, we ship our products all over the world, and our engineering and parts help some very interesting and innovative vehicles win races, win championships, and break both lap records and world records ...

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Aussie Invader 5R World Land Speed Record Challenger - The World's Most Powerful Car

untitled image

Aussie Invader is a World Land Speed Record challenger, currently being built in Australia.

The Tuners Group is absolutely honoured to have been invited to be part of the Aussie Invader World Land Speed Record project, led by Australian motorsport legend and Australian Land Speed Record holder, Rosco McGlashan OAM.

The car is powered by a bi-propellant rocket motor - the same type of rocket used to launch satellites into space. It produces around 62,000 lbs of thrust (about 200,000 horsepower). To put that into perspective, a 2015 Formula One car reportedly makes around 760 horsepower. So Aussie Invader 5R has roughly the power of 263 Formula One cars - all powering one vehicle.

The car weighs 9.2 tonnes fully fuelled and will accelerate from zero to 1600 km/h (1000 mph) in just over 20 seconds, accelerating at a constant rate of 3G. In the 20 seconds it takes to get to top speed, it will burn 2.8 tonnes of propellant - a kerosene fuel and hydrogen peroxide oxidiser.

Click here for more info about this car and for 3 great videos about the project ...

The Supercharged 911 - an exceptional modified 1971 911

untitled image

Owned by an Australian who is an absolute Porsche enthusiast aged in his mid 70's, the Supercharged 911 is a great mix of the best of modern technology combined with traditional racecar engineering concepts.

This car is a very rare example of a street registered early 911 which can compete with 911 GT3's and 911 Turbos.

The car runs a 3.0 litre SC motor from a mid 70's 911SC and 915 transmission, and is full of all kinds of one off innovative parts.

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Infinity Signs Mitsubishi Evo X Time Attack & Drag Racing Car - worlds fastest Evo X SST down the quarter mile, world's first 10 second Evo X SST

untitled image

The Infinity Signs Evo X is a great example of a dual use car, with it starting out as a drag racing car that is now being developed for Time Attack racing.

This car is sponsored by The Tuners Group and by Works Bell. The car is based in South Australia.

The car will continue to be used at the drag strip as well, with different aero configurations available depending on whether it is running on the circuit or down the quarter mile.

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Honda Fit / Jazz GE8

untitled image

Owned by one of our customers in the USA, this Honda Fit / Jazz GE8 is a build where quality has been considered every step of the way, and it shows very clearly in the result.

The car features a host of high quality modifications, including one of our detachable paddle shifter systems for the Honda Fit / Jazz GE8.

Click here for more info about this car ...

Kakavas Racing WRX

The Kakavas Racing WRX is a Pro Class World Time Attack Challenge car which is sponsored by The Tuners Group.

More info on this car can be found here ...

created on 2011-02-14 by adamr.

Mark Berry Advan Racing Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R - Pro Class World Time Attack Challenge

Mark Berry's Yokohama Advan R34 GT-R Photo by Mark PakulaMark Berry's Yokohama Advan R34 GT-R Photo by Mark Pakula

Described by Andrew Hawkins of Motive DVD as "the most radical time attack car in Australia", this R34 is built specifically to compete against the top time time attack cars in the world.

The Tuners Group is a proud sponsor of the Advan Racing R34 GT-R driven by Mark Berry.

Click here for more info about this car ...

Tomaszewski R35 GT-R - 2011 World Time Attack Challenge Clubsprint Class Winner

untitled image

As part of our 2010 World Time Attack Challenge activities, The Tuners Group is very pleased to announce our sponsorship of the white Nissan R35 GT-R driven by Marek Tomaszewski.

The car is competing in the Clubsprint Class at the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge, as well as in the 2010 NSW Supersprint Series.

This R35:

  • took 3 outright round wins in a row in the second half of the 2010 CAMS Supersprint Championship season

  • finished 1st, 1st, 1st and 2nd in the last 4 races of the season

  • took the Class 4D win in 4 rounds of the 9 round series, and second place in Class 4D at the other 5 rounds

... so the cars worst finish in Class 4D pointscore all season at all individual rounds was 2nd.

The car also won the Clubsprint Class trophy at the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge.

Click here for more info about this car ...

Porsche 986 Boxster Tiptronic Track Car With Paddle Shifter & 3.6 Litre 911 Engine

untitled image

Sometimes we have the privilege of being involved with some very special projects indeed, and this Porsche Boxster is one such project.

The owner of this car is a former basketball player in the USA, who experiences problems with his feet as a result of his basketball. Unfortunately his foot problems mean that it is difficult for him to operate a clutch pedal with his left foot.

The same problem is quite common with former athletes, and also can affect older drivers with knee issues.

So what do you do when you have a foot or knee problem, love mid engine Porsches, and want a track car ?

The solution for this project was a unique combination of German engineering, Japanese engineering, US know-how and Australian know-how ...

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University Of Sydney Formula SAE FSAE Race Car - 193 kg, 3.2 kg per hp, 0-100 km/h in 3.67 seconds

untitled image

The Formula SAE team is part of the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Sydney and is one of Australia's premier Engineering schools.

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Shieldcoat Evo IX

untitled image

The latest car to be featured in our customer cars gallery is this Australian Mitsubishi Evo IX.

It's a fine example of a car that has been built with great attention to detail and high quality parts from manufacturers like Works Bell, ARC, Tomei, Trust, and Defi.

Click here for more info about this car ...

The Pilatus R35 - A Highly Modified Australian Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R and Winner of the Mount Alma Mile Hillclimb

untitled image

Sponsored by The Tuners Group, this car is one of the most highly developed R35's in Australia.

This car is one of the first R35's in Australia to receive serious modifications.

While many R35 GT-R owners have been worried about modifying their cars, the owner of this car has jumped right into modifying his R35 with gusto and a no compromise, engineering driven, high quality parts approach.

This car won the Mt Alma Hillclimb and has posted some amazing times at various tracks. The car has also been featured on

This car has 700 hp at the wheels, pulls 1G of acceleration from a standing start, and a 0-100 km/h (0-64 mph) time of 2.8 seconds

Click here for more info about this car ...

Synth19 Ginash George Honda Acura NSX

untitled image

This NSX is a perfect example of an NSX done right.

This car is owned by US based modifier Ginash George. Ginash's previous project car was an incredible 2003 Nissan 350Z project car which was featured in Turbo Magazine, in an article on and in this article on

So it's very clear that when it comes to modifying Japanese cars the right way. Ginash definitely knows how to build a car right.

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European WRX Rally Car

untitled image

This car is a very special WRX owned by one of The Tuners Group's customers, a rally team based in Europe.

The car uses a 6 speed manual WRX transmission, but the transmission has been converted to sequential shifting via a sequential shifting system mounted to the car's H-pattern manual gearbox.

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1500 hp Supra

untitled image

Owned by one of our customers in the UK is this mindblowing Toyota Supra, one of the most powerful Supras on the planet. The owner of the car advises it has an astonishing 1,500 hp.

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South African built Revo off road racer - Winner of the South African Absa Off Road Championship for Special Vehicles

untitled image

The South African built Revo is a perfect example of true innovation at it's finest.

It was built by one of our customers, Achim Bergmann of Thompson Racing, for the Motorite Racing team.

To quote from ... "So what is revolutionary about the Revo? Simple, it is the first serious attempt at four-wheel drive Class A Special Vehicle. Power comes from an American built 500hp 6-litre engine and is delivered to all four BF Goodrich tyres via a 6-speed gearbox."

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