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Tomaszewski R35 GT-R

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As part of our 2010 World Time Attack Challenge activities, The Tuners Group is very pleased to announce our sponsorship of the white Nissan R35 GT-R driven by Marek Tomaszewski.

The car is competing in the Clubsprint Class at the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge, as well as in the 2010 NSW Supersprint Series.

This R35:

... so the cars worst finish in Class 4D pointscore all season at all individual rounds was 2nd.

The car also won the Clubsprint Class trophy at the 2011 World Time Attack Challenge.

As it says in our 2011 World Time Attack Challenge wrap up article ...

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On Day 2, Marek improved his Day 1 time by a further 0.077 of a second, posting a 1:42.4910.

This gave Marek the Clubsprint Class win by 0.217 of a second, with Miles Tauber's Croydon Racing Developments Nissan R35 GTR in second place with a 1:42.708, and Ovidiu Zaberca's Hi Octane Racing/Advan Mitsubishi Lancer Evo in third place with a 1:43.0140.

To put Marek's winning time into perspective against last year's times from the 2010 WTAC, the Clubsprint Class at WTAC 2010 was won by Nicholas Kalis in his Evo with a 1:44.3780, so Marek's winning time at WTAC 2011 was 1.887 seconds faster than the winning time at WTAC 2010 in Clubsprint Class.

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Last year at WTAC 2010, Marek came 6th with a 1:45.6250, so his winning time this year of 1:42.4910 is a massive improvement of 3.134 seconds better than his time last year.

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The car features a host of modifications including ...

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The car makes 330 kw at the wheels and is sure to be spectacular in the Clubsprint class at World Time Attack Challenge 2010.

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