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ERL Aquamist HFS3 HFS-3 Water Injection System

Price: Australian $

The Aquamist HFS3 Water Injection SystemThe Aquamist HFS3 Water Injection System

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The HFS3-pwm system is designed to complete the Aquamist PWM-valve delivery system line-up.

The Aquamist HFS-3 is a new product that will be released by Aquamist in March 2010.

It allows precise metering of water/methanol injection for the modern high performance engines.

A dash gauge, flow sensor and “Plug and Play” is standard to minimize installation time.

Aquamist Technology Overview

For background info about how Aquamist systems work and how water injection increases the knock limit of the engine, please see the water injection technology overview here ...

How does it work ?

HFS3 Plug & Play Generic Wiring Diagram (click to enlarge)HFS3 Plug & Play Generic Wiring Diagram (click to enlarge)

The system retrieves the fuel flow (IDC) and manifold pressure signals (MPS) from the engine management system as the prime source to control the flow of water. This enables perfect balance of water to fuel flow under all engine loads.

Hardware employed

A “Fast Acting Valve” (FAV) controls the delivery rate based on the PWM signal from the HFS-3 controller. Constant line pressure (160 psi) is provided by an Aquatec pump working in the “by-pass” mode. A PWM valve system guarantees wide dynamic range

The Aquamist 2010 systems line up:

The HFS-2 and HSF-3 will replace the HFS-1 system1s, 2c and 2d. Aquamist will continue to support all the discontinued systems.

Guided Tour

A guided tour inside the HFS-3 controller - click to enlargeA guided tour inside the HFS-3 controller - click to enlarge

The interfacing ports (top section):

A quick glance shows that there are no terminal connector for discreet wires or cables, just a row of sockets with gold plated contacts that will handle low level signals as well as handling switching current in excess of 1.5A.

The internal power supply and failsafe (mid section):

HFS3 has it own fused power switching circuitry so that there is no need to search for switched power lead under the dash or fuse box. Power failure relay (failsafe) and anti-CEL dummy-load resistor is supplier as standard.

Controlling the flow and visualizing the system at work (lower section):

Three LED's displaying the IDC% (green), trigger point reached (Amber) and fluid flow is fast approaching it maximum flow rate. Four trimmers to customize the HFS-3 to your setup if the factory setting needs to be modified. Pre-configured links to further simply your system setup.

Clean and simple living with the HFS-3:
Aquamist has taken out all the chores associated with system setup and installation.

Lastly, this progressive system is very affordable.

The Front Panel

Front view of the HFS-3 controller - click to enlargeFront view of the HFS-3 controller - click to enlarge

The I/O ports of the HFS3 controller
The HFS3 is equipped with seven I/O ports to communicate with sensors and external control hardware. Each components is factory terminate with a color coded plug, there are no loose wires for the end user to deal with. Each port and clearly marked and color coded.

What are they all for?

Why Plug and Play?

The HFS3 supplies a set of pre-wired plugs from the factory to reduce human error to a minimum.

Additionally each individual component is very easy and quick to replace if need be, especially in the tough hot engine bay environment.

HFS-3 Control Panel - click to enlargeHFS-3 Control Panel - click to enlarge

Category: Water And Methanol Injection Systems

Manufacturer: Aquamist

Model: ERL Aquamist HFS3 HFS-3 Water Injection System

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