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ERL Aquamist HFS6 HFS-6 Water Injection System

Price: Australian $

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The HFS-6 is the most advanced water/alcohol injection system in the world.

No other system can match it's injection capabilities, fail-safe features or reliability.


We are an authorised Aquamist dealer

The Tuners Group is a factory authorised dealer for Aquamist systems and we are supplied directly by the Aquamist factory.

Aquamist Technology Overview

For background info about how Aquamist systems work and how water injection increases the knock limit of the engine, please see the water injection technology overview here ...

How It Works

HFS6 System Diagram - click to enlargeHFS6 System Diagram - click to enlarge

Injecting based from injector duty cycle is the most precise method of water/alcohol delivery. The injected mixture must be proportional to load and fuel delivery otherwise the air/fuels ratios will not remain consistent robbing power or worse, damaging the engine.

Using a input such as boost or a MAF signal to inject a water/alcohol mixture into an engine will result in over/under injection and poor repeatability. These signals are just a few of many signals the engines ECU uses to calculate instantaneous load and inject precise amounts of fuel. Using only one of these signals to inject water and/or a supplementary fuel into the engine is poor practice.

The modern automobile fuel injection system operates as a constant pressure system, sometimes incorporating a rising rate fuel pressure regulator. Fuel delivery is controlled by actuation of precise injectors. The Aquamist HFS-6 uses the same principle for fluid injection.

A constant pressure pump of 160psi is turned on just before an injection event starts to ensure the system is at proper pressure. Then a fast acting valve(FAV) is operated to precisely control the injection of fluid into the engine.

There is never any sputtering of the jet as with pump speed based systems, nor any over run of the pump during gear changes pumping excess fluid into the engine.

The HFS-6 uses a purpose built turbine flow sensor for measurement of the injected fluid. This flow sensor has been proven over years of use and refinement to be extremely accurate and robust in this application.

In conjunction with the electronics the user can set precise injection windows defining the safe operating range of flow for the application. If the the flow falls below, i.e. a blocked jet, or rises above, such as a system leak, the defined safe operating window, the the electronics will trigger the failsafe mechanism.

This will change the state of a number of relays and contacts which the user can integrate with the ECU or, or example, waste gate solenoid, to prevent damage to the engine.

All of the major components interface with the main control board by RJ-45 connectors. The only other connections that need to be made for the system to be operational is a power and ground connection for the main control board and a connection to one fuel injector.

The fail-safe functions have both normally open and normally closed contacts for ease of interfacing with your engine management system. There is also a 5v digital contact for map switching in the ECU (if your EMS support this).

The HFS-6 failsafe is also adjustable for sensitivity and duration. The sensitivity adjustment is to set how long the injection is outside the safe window before the fail-safe is activated. The duration adjustment is to set how long the failsafe remains activated once tripped.


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Trimmers Explained:

All of these settings can be left at the 12 o'clock position the the system will operate properly. These are the default setting from years of use and are a good starting point. There is a basic Excel spreadsheet available for interaction of the IDC adjustments.

Category: Water And Methanol Injection Systems

Model: ERL Aquamist HFS6 HFS-6 Water Injection System

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