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Porsche Motorsport Department 6 piston calipers (for 350mm diameter brake disks / rotors)


Porsche Motorsport Department 6 piston caliper with ceramic insertsPorsche Motorsport Department 6 piston caliper with ceramic inserts

These calipers are a special 6 piston radial mount caliper manufactured by Brembo for the Porsche Motorsport Department.

They feature radial mounting which simplifies installation for custom applications, and provides two planes of adjustment when engineering caliper adapters / mounting brackets for accurate alignment over the disc.

These calipers feature special ceramic inserts which help keep heat out of the brake fluid at races like the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Because they are a radial mount caliper, they can be fitted to virtually any car with a custom machined caliper adapter and custom brake disk hat.

Brake Disk / Rotor Info

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These calipers are designed to run on a 350 mm diameter brake disc / rotor and we can supply disks / rotors to suit in the correct thickness and specification.

Click here for disks to suit these calipers

These calipers must only be used with a brake disk / rotor of the correct thickness and appropriate cooling and heat handling specifications - you must not use a 350 mm disk / rotor of the wrong thickness or of the wrong specifications with these calipers.

Road Car Style Dust Seals Available

For road car applications we can also supply road car style dust seals to suit these calipers - they are available in the pulldown menu at the top of this page.

Brake Pad Options

A range of brake pads in various compounds are also available to suit these calipers.

Click here to browse our range of brake pads for these calipers.

More Info

Click here for more info about our range of Porsche Motorsport Department brake components.

Category: Brake Calipers

Manufacturer: Porsche / Brembo

Model: Porsche Motorsport Department 6 piston calipers (for 350mm diameter brake disks / rotors)

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