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Project Mu SCR-PRO Brake Rotors Disks Discs

Price: Australian $

Project Mu SCR-Pro Brake RotorsProject Mu SCR-Pro Brake Rotors untitled image

The premium rotor in the Project Mu range, the SCR-Pro incorporates all features you will find in a race rotor – packaged to fit onto standard cars.

The cast iron has very high levels of carbon and alloy, 8 straight slots in the rotor surface, and an advanced core vane design resulting in very high heat transfer qualities. Additionally, the SCR-Pro is a two-piece design that comes assembled to anodized billet alloy disc hats making them lighter than EOM rotors.

The SCR Pro employs motorsport experience and technology that provides the highest possible heat transfer properties of all Project Mu rotors. The vanes are designed to create additional turbulence inside the rotor without compromising air flow which in turn transfers more heat from the rotor to atmosphere.

The disc itself is completed in black chrome to further increase life and resistance to distortion. Ideal for race, rally and drift applications or simply as a premium upgrade to your road car.

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Category: Brake Disks And Rotors

Manufacturer: Project Mu

Model: Project Mu SCR-PRO Brake Rotors Disks Discs

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