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Works Bell Rapfix QRS Detachable Steering Wheel Quick Release

This product was discontinued by Works Bell in 2013 and is no longer available. All stock sold out at the factory in 2013 and there is no stock left anywhere worldwide.

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The Rapfix QRS - Works Bell's brand new quick release system

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The Rapfix QRS is the latest steering wheel quick release system from Works Bell.

Like all Works Bell's other world class high quality quick releases, the Rapfix QRS is manufactured in Japan with true Japanese machining precision.

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The Rapfix QRS consists of two parts as shown above:

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It is possible to propagate the operation to radical direction by corresponding the overhung steel balls with the four holes in the steering plate. Furthermore, the three steel balls grip to the middle and lock the steering plate firmly by operating the directions of Rapfix QRS’ cover called “roller & ball lock system” (patent pending). Therefore, the operation to thrust direction is done perfectly.

Two foldable levers are designed to make the turning of the cover simple. It is also a safety device because the cover cannot be turned without moving the lever.

Your horn still works

The electrode installed in the plate and Rapfix QRS body, when aligned together in the “attached” position allows full operation of the horn button.

The electrical connections for the horn in the Rapfix QRS automatically engage when the steering wheel is attached.

Our Pricing

We are one of only two authorised Works Bell exclusive national distributors worldwide outside of Japan.

Our ex-tax pricing is equivalent to the price that this product sells for in Japan where it is made. So by purchasing from us you get true Japanese market pricing, without the cost of an plane ticket to Tokyo !


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For some other companies, it is near impossible to achieve the goal of designing a quick release that features easy operation with no shakiness or play.

However, the Works Bell Rapfix QRS achieves these goals by utilizing the lever, cover and ball lock system.

In addition, it allows the driver to maintain a comfortable seating position due to it’s very compact low profile design with a thickness of just approx 25mm (1 inch) !


Steering Wheel & Hub / Boss Kit Compatibility

There is no welding required to fit a Works Bell Rapfix QRS Quick Release to your car - it is strictly a bolt on product with no welding required.

Steering Wheel Compatibility

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At the steering wheel end, the Rapfix QRS ships pre-machined with bolt holes in both standard 6 bolt Momo bolt pattern steering (PCD 70mm), and 6 bolt Nardi bolt pattern (PCD 74mm), so it is compatible with a very wide range of steering wheels from a number of manufacturers including Works Bell, Momo, Nardi, Personal, OMP etc.

Of course it is compatible with all Works Bell steering wheels, including the Works Bell Original Steering Wheel, the Works Bell Team Orange Steering Wheel, and the Works Bell Yoshioka Steering Wheel.

Click here to browse the steering wheels section of our website for a wide range of compatible steering wheels including steering wheels from Works Bell, Momo, Nardi and Personal.

Boss Kit / Hub Compatibility

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The part of the Rapfix QRS that attaches to the steering boss / hub has a 6 bolt (PCD 70mm) bolt pattern, the same bolt pattern as used on Momo steering bosses / hubs.

We can supply a steering boss kit / hub to suit for almost any vehicle - please see the steering hubs / boss kits section of our website and contact us if a boss for your car is not listed.

Alternatively, if you already have a 6 bolt Nardi bolt pattern steering boss / hub (PCD 74mm), then the part of the Rapfix QRS that attaches to the steering boss / hub can be attached to many compatible 6 bolt Nardi bolt pattern steering bosses / hubs, by using the Works Bell Conversion Spacer.

The conversion spacer is a very useful product which allows you to fit compatible Momo bolt pattern products to Nardi bolt pattern products and vice versa.

Genuine Guarantee & Counterfeits Warning

Say no to fakes, counterfeits & knock-offs !Say no to fakes, counterfeits & knock-offs !

We are one of only two authorised Works Bell distributors worldwide outside of Japan.

By purchasing from us you are absolutely assured of getting the genuine, real deal, made in Japan Works Bell product.

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We Ship Worldwide

We ship worldwide !We ship worldwide !

The full range of genuine Works Bell products are available directly from us.

We ship Works Bell products worldwide, so we can deliver any of Works Bell's products to your door !

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Rapfix QRS has cleared the NAPAC standard (a standard for after market products in Japan).

A screwing test was done to check the operation of steering wheel to radial power. There was not any change in the shape after being tested with live loads of 29.7kg.m (291N.m).

Moreover, there was not any change in the shape after a bending test of dead loads of 19.8kg.m (194N.m) in order to examine the effect when a driver impacts the steering wheel in an accident.

In the screwing test, there were no damages when a load of 45kg.m (441N.m) was done; and in the bending test, there were no damages when a 28kg.m (274N.m) load is done.

Category: Steering Wheel Quick Releases

Product Code: WB-RAPFIX-QRS

Manufacturer: Works Bell

Model: Works Bell Rapfix QRS Detachable Steering Wheel Quick Release

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