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Works Bell Column Shifter Paddle Shifter For Nissan 350Z Z33 & Infiniti G35 & Some Nissan Skyline V35 & Nissan Stagea

Price: Australian $540.00 (approx US$415 / Euro 381)

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Many Nissan Z33 / Infiniti G35 AT owners have expressed a desire to be able to shift via steering column paddles.

Unfortunately no option existed, up until now ...

Much to the elation of many Z33/G35 owners, Works Bell has developed a special paddle shifter kit for the Z33/G35 that can be used with the factory steering wheel (or an aftermarket steering wheel).

The paddle shifter kit is well known by many Z33/G35 users because it can operate the AT sports shift mode without ever releasing the steering wheel.

This kit was developed for those enthusiasts that want to combine the sporty feel of the factory steering wheel with an F1 style paddle shift feeling!

What's in the kit ?

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The Works Bell Column Shifter is a full paddleshifting system.

It includes a pair of carbon fibre paddles with a built in precision engineered microswitch system that install onto the factory steering column behind the steering wheel.

Each kit also includes an application specific wiring harness, and a coupler which allows you to connect Column Shifter to the factory wiring.

It is true plug and play simplicity, engineered with Works Bell's trademark attention to detail.

Can I still shift with the shift lever ?

Yes you can. The Works Bell Paddleshifter does not disable the factory gearlever sequential shifting system on your car.

So you can still change gears with the factory shift lever.

Both the factory gear lever and the Works Bell Column Shifter can be used for shifting gears.

Can it be used on the V35 Nissan Skyline and Nissan Stagea ?

Works Bell Column Shifter installed in Nissan Stagea - Image Credit: Chris Benny, Chris Benny ImagingWorks Bell Column Shifter installed in Nissan Stagea - Image Credit: Chris Benny, Chris Benny Imaging

The V35 Nissan Skylines and Nissan Stagea share a number of parts with the Nissan 350Z and Inifiniti G35.

As a result, the Works Bell Column Shifter can be used on various models of V35 Nissan Skyline and Nissan Stagea.

Please contact us to confirm if the Works Bell Column Shifter will work on your V35 Nissan Skyline or Nissan Stagea.

There is an article here with info about using this product in the Nissan Stagea ...

Independent customer review with fitting photos

Click here to view a review from a customer who wrote a write up of how he fitted the Works Bell Column Shifter to his 350Z

The writer of that article's conclusion reads ...

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"Wow, that is all i can say.

untitled image

This kit works just like advertised ... The movement is very minimal to shift ... no delay at all when it shifts."

Videos of it in action

Click here to view two videos of this product installed in a car ...

Additional product images

untitled image untitled image

Shown above, a close up view of the incredibly detailed carbon fibre work on the carbon fibre paddles.

Want a paddle shifter system for an aftermarket steering wheel ?

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In addition to the Works Bell Column Shifter, owners of Nissan 350Z's, Infini G35's and some Nissan Skyline V35's can use the Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO kit (shown above) with aftermarket steering wheels. Click here for more info

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Category: Paddle Shifters

Product Code: WB-COLUMNSHIFTER-350Z-G35

Manufacturer: Works Bell

Model: Works Bell Column Shifter Paddle Shifter For Nissan 350Z Z33 & Infiniti G35 & Some Nissan Skyline V35 & Nissan Stagea

created on 2008-11-07 07:32:56 by adamr