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Works Bell WB Steering Wheel 350 mm Yellow Stitching

Price: Australian $378.00 (approx US $275)

We ship worldwide by air courier

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A brand new release from Works Bell, the WB Steering Wheel 350 mm with Yellow Stiching is an extremely high quality leather steering wheel, made with amazing attention to detail in Italy, the home of the world's finest leather craftsmen and women.

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It features incredible quality leather, with eye catching yellow stitching and a brand new horn button design with the Works Bell logo in white.

This brand new steering wheel has a dish / offset of 40 mm, providing a dish that allows indicator stalks and wiper controls to be reached comfortably.

The bolt pattern is 6 x 70 mm PCD (the same bolt pattern used on Momo steering wheels) so it is compatible with our full range of standard length steering boss kits / hubs, as well as a massive range of quick releases.

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If you want to make your car stand out from the crowd, there is no better way than with this rare wheel, rarely seen on cars outside of Japan.

Technical Data

This steering wheel has an outer diameter of 350 mm, and uses a 6 bolt, 70mm PCD bolt pattern (the same bolt pattern used as standard 6-bolt Momo steering wheels).

The Works Bell WB 350 Steering Wheel bolts directly to all Works Bell Steering Bosses / Hubs, the Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release, and the tilting Works Bell Rapfix GTC Quick Release.

So regardless of what kind of boss kit or steering wheel you currently use, it is likely a simple matter to fit this steering wheel to your car.

We are one of only two authorised Works Bell distributors worldwide outside of Japan.

By purchasing from us you are absolutely assured of getting the genuine, real deal, Works Bell product.

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We Ship Worldwide

We ship worldwide !We ship worldwide !

The full range of genuine Works Bell products are available directly from us.

We ship Works Bell products worldwide, so we can deliver any of Works Bell's products to your door !

Category: Steering Wheels

Product Code: WB-350_STWHEEL

Manufacturer: Works Bell

Model: Works Bell WB Steering Wheel 350 Yellow Stitching

created on 2015-04-20 03:28:15 by TTG