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ERL Aquamist HFS4 HFS-4 Water Injection System

Price: Australian$799.00

The Tuners Group is a factory authorised dealer for Aquamist systems and we are supplied directly by the Aquamist factory.

Product Info

The Aquamist HFS3 Water Injection SystemThe Aquamist HFS3 Water Injection System

Since the introduction of Water Injection Systems with fuel flow tracking by Aquamist in 2003, this method has truly earned its position in the performance industry as the most effective method to meter water/methanol flow for delivering predictable and consistent power.

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In order to keep up to date with the fast pace of direct injection (Di) systems, we have refined the engine load detection circuitry to extract and process more engine load information. The newly revised algorithm of the HFS-4 reads fuel-IDC, high pressure fuel-line pressure and manifold pressure (boost).

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A “Fast Acting Valve” (FAV) controls the delivery rate based on a PWM signal from the controller. The FAV enables superior linearity and atomization across the entire injection range compared to other systems. A constant line pressure (160 psi) to the FAV is provided by an Aquatec pump working in the “by-pass” mode. This method most closely follows the typical automotive fuel injection system for unmatched precision and driveability characteristics. Currently, aquamist is the only company uses a PWM-valve delivery method. Not to be confused with a progressive pump speed (PPS) system with a slow on/off valve to stop dribble.

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The combination of a superior method of delivery and a precision direct -injection signal decoding algorithm, the HFS-4 is the most advanced and capable injection system in the world today. In addition, the HFS-4 is also backward compatible with all conventional fuel injection systems.

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Aquamist Technology Overview

For background info about how Aquamist systems work and how water injection increases the knock limit of the engine, please see the water injection technology overview here ...

What's in the box ?

6M of 6mm OD nylon hose (806-261).
2M of 4mm OD nylon hose (806-266)
¨ HFS-4 Electronic controller
¨ 0.8 mm water jet (806-323) in plastic bag
¨ 0.9 mm water jet (806-324) in plastic bag
¨ 1.0 mm water jet (806-325) in plastic bag
¨ 1x 4mm Tee compression fitting (806-395) in plastic bag (new for 2.12 kit)
¨ 2x M8 x 1/8 NPT jet adapter with plug (806-357N)
¨ A set of three restrictors with insertion tool
¨ 1x water tank adapter 1/8 BSP (806-270), 6mm compression fitting and in-tank filter (806-258)
¨ 4x M5x40mm bolt, washers and fasteners for pump
¨ 1x M6 grounding stud with washer and nuts and 6mm eyelet for pump ground.
¨ 2x 6mm to 1/8 BSP compression fitting for pump..
¨ 2x 3/8BSP-M to 1/8BSP-F reducer for pump.
¨ 1x 4mm to 1/8 BSP compression fitting for FAV.
¨ 1x 6mm to 1/8 BSP compression fitting for FAV.
¨ Water pump harness. 6M of #12 AWG cable and 6M of multi-core cable with blue harness.
¨ 1x Fast acting valve with red harness
¨ 1x turbine flow sensor with yellow harness
¨ 1x water level switch with connector (806-281c)
¨ 1x DDS3v12 Gauge with 1.5M x 8-way cable
¨ 2.0 M of multi-core with grey capped RJ48 for ECU interface, fail-safe and map switching.
¨ Molex type 4-way power in harness
¨ Green harness for Direct injection engines (v2.12).
¨ User manual

Category: Water And Methanol Injection Systems

Model: ERL Aquamist HFS4 HFS-4 Water Injection System

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