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ARC Super Induction Box Subaru Impreza GDA / GDB


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Product Info

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The ARC Super Induction Box was firstly designed to improve engine response at low, middle, and high RPM.

The second advantage is the efficiency of the funnel / intake trumpet.

It prevents the negative pressure which occurs in between the air cleaner and intake manifold at the time of On and Off of acceleration, and enhances response by rectifying intake air flow.

Structure of Box

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The structure of box provides big space to hold large amount of air. The distance for intake of air is shortened and provides intake air with enough room.

Curled Funnel

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The large amount of air stored in the box is efficiently and smoothly sent into the engine. It brings better response of acceleration in all RPM.

Air Filter

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Double layer sponge filters. The resistance of air flow is minimized by adopting flame lamination (heat welding) and no adhesive is used for a part of joint.

Genuine Guarantee & Counterfeits Warning

Say no to fakes, counterfeits & knock-offs !Say no to fakes, counterfeits & knock-offs !

Say no to fakes, counterfeits & knock-offs !

A number of high quality automotive brands have recently been the target of poor quality knock offs and counterfeits, often manufactured in south east Asia and in China.

All our ARC products are guaranteed 100% genuine ARC products and are sourced only directly from the ARC factory in Japan to guarantee authenticity.

The Tuners Group is one of only 8 ARC factory authorised overseas distributors worldwide listed on the ARC website. We are supplied directly by the ARC factory in Japan.

By purchasing from us you are absolutely assured of getting the genuine, real deal, ARC product.

About ARC

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ARC International Inc is based in Shizuoka, Japan.

ARC has a reputation for top quality, precision made parts, made from the highest quality materials, and made by highly skilled engineers and fabricators in Japan.

More than 90% of all Japanese Super GTC / JGTC cars runs ARC oil coolers, including Honda, Nissan and Toyota.

Nakajima Racing team,which won the title of Formula Nippon this year, always uses ARC radiators and oil coolers.

Satoru Nakajima is the first japanese full time F1 driver. He chose ARC products to win Formula Nippon.

Nissan and Toyota always ask ARC to develop their prototype intercoolers, radiators, and oilcoolers for big races.

Especially ARC has had an excellent and successful relationship with Nissan Racing Department for a long time.

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Category: Intakes / Inlet / Induction / Airboxes

Manufacturer: ARC

Model: ARC Super Induction Box Subaru Impreza GDA / GDB

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