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ASM Carbon Business Card Holder


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Product Information

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The product shown above is the incredible ASM Carbon Business Card Holder, which is made from pre-preg carbon fibre and A7075 Duralumin.

ASM has advised us as at 30 November 2010 that there are only 3 pieces left of this item.

The information provided by ASM about this product reads ...

untitled image

After making the wallet, coin wallet, card and key holder, the next item is also another product which you will need to carry all the time. Business card holder.

The main material is carbon, it’s been shaped and produced the same way as our ASM body kits. On the surface to make light as much as possible and to give out the carbon material look, we did not paint any clear coat on the surface but just buff up the surface.

On both ends uses the duralumin A7075 material for light weight as well. Inner part of the duralumin has a trench shape which the thin carbon will fit perfectly.

It’s thin as a paper but whenever you open and close it, it gives out this dry sound due to the carbon rigidity.

With its complicated production way, for those seeing it will be surprised with its quality.

Uno-san from SACLAM gave me a call a week after purchased saying how he was impressed with its quality. Our Driver Kato Hiroki-San just started smiling as soon as he held it in his hand. One of our customer who flies fighter jet plains also thank us for making such product for him and enjoying every time he takes his business card out.

The first lot we produced 30pcs but before even putting it up on the ASM Blog 15pcs was sold.

For some it just looks like a business card holder but for those who makes or produces products, it’s a item you would like to have just with its existence.

untitled image

Think of it as a life time item.

A7075 Duralumin is the same high end aircraft alloy that the sockets of our Works Bell Rapfix Racing Steering Wheel Quick Releases are manufactured from.

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Ben at The Real JDM wrote an article about this incredible product in which he wrote:

untitled image

These guys all make painful sacrifices daily as they struggle with the concept of designing the best thing possible ...

Sometimes, the goal isnt to sell the most…or even to sell any, but simply to be the best at your craft and to produce the very best thing possible ...

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This tiny business card holder manages to embody the spirit of JDM and ASM’s desire to produce the most high quality goods possible.

Leather protective case also available

Optional leather caseOptional leather case

ASM has also advised us that an optional very special leather protective case is available for the ASM Carbon Business Card Holder. The leather case is pictured above.

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Category: Special / Limited Edition

Manufacturer: ASM

Model: ASM Carbon Business Card Holder

created on 2010-11-30 08:03:56 by adamr