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The Tuners Group is an authorised supplier of the full range of clutch kits and clutch components from AP Racing.

AP Racing is the world leader in the design and manufacture of competition clutch systems, and for many years have been extending the boundaries of clutch design further each year.

We can supply the full range of AP Racing clutches, including the full AP Racing carbon / carbon clutch range, and the AP Racing Metallic Clutch range.

For over 30 years, AP Racing has had one aim - to create winners on the race track.

From large production based clutches to compact 97mm multi-disc units that transmit close to 1000 bhp. AP Racing shows the way.

In Grand Prix Racing our success started with the incredible Auto Unions and has continued uninterrupted ever since to the championship winning Williams, McLarens, Renaults, and Ferraris.

At the end of the 2007 season AP Racing had notched up an incredible 616 GP wins for cars using its Brakes and/or Clutches.

Now you can have Formula One proven AP Racing technology on your race or road car.

Carbon Clutches

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The AP Racing carbon / carbon clutch range encompasses 'push' and 'pull' type designs with Twin, Triple and Four plate units in √ò115mm, √ò140mm, √ò184mm and √ò200mm sizes available, all benefiting from the latest developments and technology, these carbon clutches when maintained correctly, provide a very 'cost effective' solution compared with the more traditional sintered and cerametallic clutch options currently available. As always the emphasis is on low weight & inertia coupled with durability & reliability.

The range of Carbon / Carbon clutches from AP Racing has been developed to enable many different categories of motor sport to benefit from the advantages of Carbon / Carbon clutch technology.

Carbon / Carbon clutches are extremely lightweight and have a very low inertia giving enhanced engine pick-up and allowing faster gear changes. The Carbon / Carbon friction members retain their integrity at much higher temperatures than conventional materials and torque capacity increases when hot, therefore the clutch is more resistant to abuse.

Carbon / Carbon plates do not distort under heat or load allowing cleaner disengagement and help reduce gearbox wear.

Please contact us with your requirements for AP Racing clutch kits and clutch components.