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Endless RF-650 RF650 Racing Brake Fluid


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Well known and trusted by teams in top categories worldwide, including WRC, GT racing and Formula One, Endless RF-650 brake fluid is one of the finest brake fluids on the planet.

It is used as original equipment on Porsche factory racecars and has proven itself in the heat of battle at many endurance events.

Endless is the official supplier to the Brawn GP Formula One team.

Especially developed for long endurance races ("24 hours") where extreme high temperature stability is required, however can be used for all types of competition.

Typical boiling points:

Glycol based brake fluid. 500mL per bottle.

Additionally, as Endless RF-650 is not a silicone based fluid, if you are currently not running a silicone based brake fluid you can likely use RF-650 in your car without needing to replace seals etc. Contact us to check compatibility with your existing brake system.

Category: Brake Fluid

Manufacturer: Endless

Model: Endless RF-650 RF650 Racing Brake Fluid

created on 2010-03-16 13:46:06 by adamr