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Paddle Shifter, Steering Boss and Quick Release System For VW Golf with DSG Transmission

Price: Australian $2295.00 (approx US $1820 / Euro 1548 )

We ship worldwide !

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Product Info

Following up on the success of our detachable paddle shifter systems for the Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayman, BMW E46 and E90, and R35 GT-R, now available from The Tuners Group are Paddle Shifter and Quick Release kits for the VW Golf with DSG transmission.

Many drivers of Audi's and VW's have contacted us over the last few months asking if we could develop paddle shifter systems and quick release setups for their cars, similar to our systems for the GT-R, M3, Cayman and Boxster.

We've responded to those requests and now have paddle shifters systems available for a wide range of Audi's and VW's.

Shown above is one of our detachable paddle shifter systems installed in an Audi TT-S. These systems are now available for Audi and VW models in either a system with steering quick release (which allows the paddles to detach with the steering wheel), or a system without steering quick release.

This system for the VW Golf DSG includes a Japanese made Paddle Shifter mechanism, a special short steering boss / hub (that allows for the length of the quick release), and a steering quick release with more than 20 electrical pins ... all available in a convenient kit.

What's Included In The Kit ?

This kit includes ...

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1 x Paddle Shifter Mechanism

The Paddle Shifter places specially designed ergonomic carbon fibre paddles behind your steering wheel. You can shift gears with a 7mm stroke of the precision engineered paddles.

The carefully made, beautifully detailed Paddle Shifter is composed of machined aluminium alloy and finished with a very hard wearing Alumite treatment.

The carbon fibre paddles are adjustable to match the size of your hand or steering wheel by up to 15 mm on each side.

The adjustment range allows for distances between the outer edges of the paddles of 270mm to 304mm.

The microswitch wiring is beautifully concealed within the shift mechanism.

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1 x Quick Release with 20+ pin wiring connector.

The quick release supplied with this kit includes an extremely high quality wiring connector built into the quick release, with more than 20 electrical pins in the connector.

This allows you not only to conceal the paddle shifter wiring within the quick release, so that the paddle shifter wiring automatically connects and disconnects when the steering wheel is attached and detached, but also allows you to run additional buttons or switches on your steering wheel for controlling systems like your car to pit radio button, pit lane speed limiter button etc.

Unlike some quick releases on the market that use plastic electrical connectors, our systems use a proper motorsport quality pin and socket connector, machined from brass, and use an integral pin alignment system to prevent damage to electrical pins in the electrical connector. These connectors are extremely well engineered and built to last.

1 x Steering Wheel Boss Kit Hub

The short hub / boss system is designed for use with quick releases.

This short hub system is designed to compensate for the additional length of the steering quick release and prevents setting the steering wheel too close to the driver.

With the short hub system, the user is able to offset the position of the steering wheel away from the driver for optimum driver position.

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1 x Airbag Warning Cancellation Harness

The Airbag Warning Cancellation Harness allows the driver to bypass the airbag signal in order to prevent the in-dash airbag warning light flashing or staying on once an aftermarket wheel is installed.

Please also see the additional wiring info in the "Installation Info" section at the bottom of this page. This bundle is designed only for installation by a professional qualified auto electrical engineer / auto electrician.

Steering Wheel Compatability

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The paddle shifter and quick release are designed to be used with aftermarket steering wheels.

It cannot be used with the factory airbag steering wheel.

This sysem can be used with standard 6 bolt Momo bolt pattern steering (6 x 70 mm PCD).

If you require an aftermarket steering wheel, we can supply a wide range of aftermarket steering wheels.

Click here to see our range of steering wheels

Installation Info

The Paddle Shifter mechanism in this bundle is a racing product designed for use in custom race car applications only. As such, it is designed to be wired into your car's electrical system by a qualified auto electrical engineer / auto electrician.

Installation should only be carried out by a qualified auto electrical engineer / auto electrician.

The Paddle Shifter mechanism ships with a short length of wiring preinstalled and soldered to the microswitches, but as this paddle shifter mechanism is a racing product designed only for custom race car installations, the pre-installed wiring on the paddle shifter mechanism may need to be lengthened by your installer to suit your vehicle. Your installer will also need to connect the wiring from the paddle shifter mechanism to the quick release electrical connector on the steering wheel side of the quick release, and run a short length of additional wiring from the steering column side of the quick release to your factory shift wiring. Each installer has their own preferences of what thickness of wiring to use in custom applications, so that additional wiring will be supplied by your installer and is not included in this product bundle

Please note that this is not a "plug and play kit", and it is not designed for "at home" installation. It is designed only for installation by a professional qualified auto electrical engineer / auto electrician. It does not include a "plug and play" wiring harness. The wiring from the paddle shifter does not include a plug that plugs into the factory wiring as the Porsche factory plugs are not available individually from Porsche, so your installer will either solder the wiring for the paddle shifter to the corresponding factory shift wiring for an electrically strong and reliable connection, or some installers add small fittings to the wiring to connect the wiring from the paddle shifter to the factory shift wiring connector within the steering column behind the steering wheel. Please consult with your installer before ordering this product bundle.

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