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Paddle Shifter And Boss Kit / Hub for Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R GTR

Price: Australian $801.57

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Product Info

Now available from The Tuners Group are Paddle Shifter and Quick Release product bundles for the Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R.

This bundle includes a Paddle Shifter, a standard length steering boss / hub for the R35 GT-R and Airbag Warning Light Cancellation harness ... all available in a convenient product bundle.

What's In The Bundle ?

This product bundle consists of the following products ...

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1 x Paddle Shifter

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1 x Standard Length Steering Wheel Boss Kit Hub For Nissan Skyline GT-R R35

Made in Japan, our hub adapters were designed utilizing the latest data for many late model and early model vehicle applications. Fitment data, strength, and safety were all taken into account to produce a hub adapter that would be comparable to the OEM design.

Everything from replicating OEM quality fasteners to ensure a secure fit, to designing the hubs to withstand impact in the event of an accident, our Hub Adapters are created with the drivers' safety in mind. These hub adapters are produced using an aluminum die-casting manufacturing method based on the OEM hub design.

These hub adapters support most aftermarket steering wheels and can be used both with steering wheels with a "Momo bolt pattern" or "Nardi bolt pattern".

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1 x Airbag Warning Cancellation Harness

The Airbag Warning Cancellation Harness allows the driver to bypass the airbag signal in order to prevent the in-dash airbag warning light flashing or staying on once an aftermarket wheel is installed.

Steering Wheel Compatability

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The Paddle Shifter is designed to be used with aftermarket steering wheels.

It cannot be used with the factory Nissan R35 GT-R Steering Wheel.

It is pre-machined with bolt holes in both standard 6 bolt Momo bolt pattern steering (PCD 70mm), and 6 bolt Nardi bolt pattern (PCD 74mm).

If you require an aftermarket steering wheel, we can supply a wide range of aftermarket steering wheels from Works Bell, Momo, Nardi and Personal.

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Installation Info

As the Paddle Shifter mechanism is a racing product designed for use in custom racing applications, it is designed to be wired into your car's electrical system by a qualified auto electrical engineer / auto electrician.

Installation should only be carried out by a qualified auto electrical engineer / auto electrician.

The Paddle Shifter mechanism ships with a short length of wiring preinstalled and soldered to the microswitches, but as this is a racing product designed for custom installations, the pre-installed wiring may need to be lengthened by your installer to suit your vehicle.

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