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Works Bell Rapfix II Steering Wheel Quick Release - Socket Section Only


untitled image

untitled image

For drivers and teams who want to be able to use two or more steering wheels in the same car, the socket section of the Rapfix II Quick Release is available on it's own.

untitled image

The socket section of the Rapfix II is attached to the back of your steering wheel. The socket section then attaches to the plug section of the Rapfix II which is bolted to your car's steering boss. The socket section and plug section are shown in the image at right. The socket is on the left of the photo and the plug section on the right of the photo.

Many teams find this very useful in endurance events so that each driver can use their favourite steering wheel during the race.

This also allows steering spacers to be attached between the quick release and the steering wheel for optimum driving position for each driver. More info about this can be found in our Enduro System article here ...

Other drivers like this product so that they can choose which steering wheel they use on a particular day.

Please select the colour of the socket section you want in the pulldown above.

Click here to view photos of the various colours of socket available ...

Full product info on the Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release can be found here ...

Category: Steering Wheel Quick Releases

Manufacturer: Works Bell

Model: Works Bell Rapfix II Steering Wheel Quick Release - Socket Section Only

created on 2010-07-30 09:46:29 by adamr