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Tilton 90 Degree Coupler for remote brake bias adjusters


untitled image

untitled image

Designed to connect remote brake bias adjusters to balance bars at a 90 degree angle.

This allows the adjuster’s cable to be routed so that it does not interfere with the clutch or throttle pedal.

This product is very useful when installing a pedal box in cars where packaging is tight in the footwell and for tall drivers where the pedal box needs to be installed more forward in the footwell. The 90 degree coupler allows you to route the adjuster cable simply and without applying a tight bend to the cable near the pedal box.

Features high-quality steel bevel gears housed within a compact aluminum case.

Category: Brake Pedal Assemblies

Manufacturer: Tilton

Model: Tilton 90 Degree Coupler for remote brake bias adjusters

created on 2013-07-12 06:52:36 by TTG