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Vento Preciso Leather Steering Wheel 340 mm Diameter

Price:Australian $290.00

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The Vento Preciso is a brand new model of steering wheel, beautifully made in Italy.

This Steering Wheel is made from the highest quality leather material and is the hottest new racing brand coming out of Italy today.

It has a 340 mm diameter and a dish dimension of 40 mm from the rear of the mounting surface to the edge of the rim nearest the driver, and a bolt pattern of 6 x 70 mm PCD (the same bolt pattern as Momo 6 bolt steering wheels), making it an ideal size for motorsport. It is also compatible with our range of paddleshifters, steering bosses and 6 bolt quick releases.

As can be expected from a steering wheel made in Italy, the leather is extremely high quality and beautifully stitched with white stitching.

It is supplied with the distinctive Vento green horn button shown above, and can also be fitted with an optional genuine Momo horn button as shown below

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created on 2015-04-20 03:28:15 by adamr