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The Tuners Group Appointed As Exclusive Australian Distributor & Online Retailer For Works Bell

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28 JUNE 2008

Works Bell Co Ltd and The Tuners Group are very proud to announce the appointment of The Tuners Group as an authorised online retailer and the exclusive Australian distributor for the full range of Works Bell products.

About Works Bell

Works Bell is recognised worldwide as Japan's premium manufacturer of the very finest quality steering wheels, steering wheel quick releases, steering wheel boss kits, steering wheel spacers, and paddle shifters.

Works Bell products are the choice of top drift teams in Formula D and D1, and are also chosen by top Japanese tuners like JUN Automotive for use on project cars like JUN's Mitsubishi Evo X.

Founded in 1950 in Tokyo as "Miyashita Manufacturing Co. Ltd", Works Bell has a 58 year history with a reputation for the finest engineering and innovation of any aftermarket manufacturer in the world.

In 2001 Works Bell invented the ball lock quick release. Works Bell holds numerous patents including the patent for ball lock quick release systems. Works Bell quick releases are the original, genuine, real deal products.

The Winner's choice in Formula D and D1

Mr. Kumakubo the leader of Team Orange (click image to enlarge)Mr. Kumakubo the leader of Team Orange (click image to enlarge)

Works Bell products are also used extensively in Formula D and D1.

They are used extensively by Formula D and D1 drivers like Nobushige Kumakubo (Team Orange), Kazuhiro Tanaka (Team Orange), Naoto Suenaga (Team Orange), Drift Samurai Imamura, Kenji Yamanaka (Team Hankook), Toshiki Yoshioka (Team DROO-P), Gen Terasaki (G.T WORKS), Yoshinori Koguchi (Team I&D), Hiroshi Fukuda (Fluke), Tetsuya Hibino, Yukio Matsui, Michihiro Takatori, Daigo Saito, Chikara Mizuhata (HPI), Takashi Tanaka (T-DEMAND), Tomohito Murayama, Shinichi Yamada, Takanari Kato, Hirotaka Hoshino, Shirou Deura, Hisashi Kamimoto, Kazuya Matsukawa & Waki Yoshirou, in circuit racing by Team Prova, as well as Option, ORC, Tamon and Road&Ster.

That's a long list of formidable racers, and top level racing teams, and it just shows the kind of reputation that Works Bell has in Japan.

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About The Tuners Group

The Tuners Group is based in Sydney Australia, and is a division of Waenick Pty Ltd, founded by Sydney businessman, motorsport enthusiast and project car builder Adam Richardson.

The Tuners Group prides itself on it's renowned customer service, and it's strict policy of only selling very high quality parts from the world's finest tuners.

The Tuners Group is the sole Australian distributor for the Tokyo based Works Bell.

More information about The Tuners Group can be found on our about us page.

Comments From Works Bell

CEO of Works Bell, Mr. Masato Miyashita said of the new business relationship with The Tuners Group ...

"Works Bell has been manufacturing and selling steering hubs since 1971 and we have provided the steering hubs for a lot of Japanese manufacturers and companies.

We developed the 12 Hole PCD steering hub which can be used both for Momo steering wheels and Nardi steering wheels in 1977. Furthermore, we
also took the patent for this product.

From then on, we have never failed in technology, quality and durability of our products.

We are the number one manufacturer in Japan today.

We have also received some patents for our other products and we research, develop and innovate on new products every day.

We developed and received the patent on the Quick Release (Rapfix Ball Lock System) in 2001.

We have produced and sold 30,000 Quick Release Rapfix systems to date.

Moreover, we have been very active in many Motor Sports activities such as D1GP.

We will cooperate with The Tuners Group and begin our sales in Australia from July 2008.

We will try our best in order to help customers in Australia use our products with great success."

Comments From The Tuners Group

CEO of The Tuners Group, Mr. Adam Richardson said of the new business relationship with Works Bell ...

"We are extremely pleased and happy to have been able to form a business relationship with Works Bell.

Works Bell's engineering, innovation, quality and manufacturing techniques are the very highest available worldwide, and we are flattered and humbled to have been chosen by Works Bell as their Australian distributor.

Works Bell has a very long and distinguished history, including the invention of the patented ball lock quick release system used in the Rapfix Ball Lock Quick Release products.

Works Bell has a long association and collaboration with Mr. Nobushige Kumakubo (leader of Team Orange), Mr. Kazuhiro Tanaka (Team Orange), Mr. Naoto Suenaga (Team Orange) and Toshiki Yoshioka of Team DROO-P, and Works Bell's reputation, engineering & manufacturing quality, as well as the strength and durability of their products have been well proven in the battleground of the very highest classes of drifting and circuit racing in the world.

While CEO of Works Bell Mr. Masato Miyashita said in his comments 'We are the number one manufacturer in Japan today', at The Tuners Group we regard Works Bell as not just the number one manufacturer in Japan, but the number one manufacturer worldwide.

In terms of what this announcement means for our customers in Australia and other countries, this new relationship means that retail customers, racing teams and Australian parts retailers will be able to purchase the entire product range of Works Bell products, in English, and from a reputable local company like The Tuners Group.


In terms of retail pricing for Works Bell products, we intend to match the retail pricing which Works Bell's products are sold for in Japan.

So this will put an end to the hassle and expense that customers in Australia and other countries have had in the past of having the expense of privately ordering and arranging private import themselves of Works Bell products.

And with our very competitive pricing policy, our customers can purchase the entire range of Works Bell products at the same prices that customers in Japan do.

So it's like shopping for your parts in Tokyo, without the airfare.


We look forward to building a long and successful business relationship with Works Bell.

We are immensely pleased to have been able to put together this business relationship, and we are honoured to form a business relationship with a company like Works Bell which has a 58 year history, a reputation that is second to none, and that reflects true honour, pride in the products they make and incredible attention to detail.

To our customers I simply say, wait til you get your hands on these products - you've never seen anything like them !"

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