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Our Product Range & Manufacturers

Below is an overview of the manufacturers whose products we sell.

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JRZ Suspension

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JRZ Suspension Engineering was founded in 1995 and is based in The Netherlands. Over the last 20 years, JRZ's unique design has been proven by multiple wins in the world's toughest races, like 3 wins in 4 years in the GT Class at the 24 Hours Of Daytona.

The Tuners Group are the factory authorised representatives and distributors in Australia for JRZ Suspension.

JRZ is used by leading race teams world wide, from Formula 3, the Rolex series, World Challenge Speed GT, Koni Challenge, Asian GT, IRL, rallying and many other forms of motorsport.

Design, manufacturing and quality control is all done in house in The Netherlands. This is the reason why JRZ is seen as one of the best dampers in the world.

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St Cross Electronics

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Formed in 1983, with over 30 years experience, and based in Southampton in the United Kingdom, St. Cross Electronics is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of cable harness assemblies offering our customers the complete interconnect solution and precision built motorsport electronics products.

St. Cross Electronics are one of Europe's leading cable assembly and cable harness manufacturers, in addition to being the developers of and manufacturers of the cutting edge St. Cross Electronics FISW-X Steering Wheel.

The Tuners Group are the exclusive representatives in Australia and New Zealand for St. Cross Electronics.

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Porsche Motorsport Department

Porsche GT3 RSRPorsche GT3 RSR

The Tuners Group is able to supply a range of products from the Porsche Motorsport Department.

The Porsche Motorsport Department is the official racing division of Porsche, and is located in a custom built facility in Weissach Germany.

We supply Porsche Motorsport Department brake components for use on Porsche vehicles and for other vehicles for use in custom applications, including for custom applications on BMW, Nissan, and Mitsubishi race cars.

We can also supply a range of other components from the Porsche Motorsport Department - please contact us with your requirements.

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Holinger Engineering

Holinger Engineering has been designing and manufacturing high precision components for motor racing for decades. Specialising in transmissions, Holinger manufacture a range of gearboxes and associated products, from stand-alone bespoke designs right through to gear sets for existing production cars

Holinger's customers include Porsche, Ford, GM, Ralliart, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and BMW, plus many other private teams and racers. Holinger's products have survived some of the toughest endurance events in the world, including the Le Mans, Spa and Nurburgring 24 hour races, the Bathurst 1000 and the Dakar Rally

Some of Holinger's most recent projects include: V8 Supercars Australia: Control Transmission Supplier until the end of 2012, Porsche Cup: 2005-2012 Global Control Transmission, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb: Winner of the 2012 event outright and the 2WD class in 2013, Dakar Rally: including the Diesel Ute class victory in 2009, Australasian Safari: 1st Outright in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, Australian 4x4 Rally Championship (Gravel): 1st Outright 2011 and 2012, Australian 2WD Rally Championship (Gravel): 1st Outright 2012 and 2013, Australian Rally Championship (Tarmac): 1st Outright 2010, International FIA GT Championships.

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Fogmaker FIA Approved Motorsport Fire Extinguisher System

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The Fogmaker system is the next generation in competition vehicle fire safety systems and is now available from The Tuners Group.

Developed and manufactured with high quality and precision workmanship in Sweden, the Fogmaker system carries full FIA approval and is smaller, lighter and more compact than conventional foam fire systems.

Fogmaker was founded in 1995, and has 19 years of experience manufacturing these innovative vehicle fire fighting systems.

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The Tuners Group is a proud factory authorised official supplier of extremely high quality products from iconic Japanese manufacturer ARC.

We are supplied directly by the ARC factory in Japan and are one of only 6 official authorised overseas distributors listed on the ARC factory website.

ARC International Inc is based in Shizuoka, Japan.

ARC has a reputation for top quality, precision made parts, made from the highest quality materials, and made by highly skilled engineers and fabricators in Japan.

More than 90% of all Japanese Super GTC / JGTC cars runs ARC oil coolers, including Honda, Nissan and Toyota.

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Healtech Electronics

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Based in Europe, Healtech Electronics is an extremely innovative manufacture of racing electronics products.

Healtech's products are well known for high quality manufacturing and design, built for motorsport use.

The Tuners Group are the exclusive national distributors for Healtech's automotive products.

Shown at right is Healtech's next generation shift light, the Healtech Shift Light Pro.

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Forgeline Motorsports Wheels

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Based in the USA, for over 20 years, Forgeline have applied our racing experience and passion for motorsports toward designing and building wheels that can withstand the extreme demands of sports car racing.

With an unwavering commitment to strength and safety, we have earned a spot on some of the world's fastest race cars, including those in Grand-Am, American LeMans, SCCA Pro Racing, and virtually every amateur racing series in America.

Forgeline wheels feature heat-treated 6061-T6 aluminum that is forged on a 6000-ton hydraulic press, custom widths, offsets, fitments and finishes, a range of centre designs, and 4, 5 and 6 bolt patterns as well as centrelocks.

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K-M-P Motorsport Products

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Based in The Netherlands and with over 10 years' experience in drivetrain engineering, K-M-P develop our own drivetrain components like the K-M-P Paddleshift system, K-M-P gears and gearkits (sequential/synchromesh) and we have a special Bosch M4 ABS Porsche kit.

K-M-P manufactures it's world renowned high quality pneumatic paddle shift system specially designed for Porsche 996 and 997 racecars

K-M-P also performs gearbox and differential rebuilds and is the official dealer of Drexler differentials and final drives.

The Tuners Group is a factory authorised distributor for K-M-P Motorsport.

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Earls Performance Plumbing

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Earl's Performance Products was founded by Earl Fouts nearly 50 years ago in Lawndale, California. The mission was to supply high-quality military aircraft specification surplus plumbing components directly to the racing industry.

As the military surplus market dried up, Earl recognized the need for continuity of supply to the racing market and pioneered the Earl's range of hoses and fittings that are still used (and copied) today. In doing so he created the racing aftermarket plumbing industry.

Earl's Performance invented the self indexing hose end in 1973, known as the "Swivel Seal". It allows 360 degree adjustment after installation making plumbing a snap. Earl's invented most of the special purpose racing adapters, the full billet hose clamp housing, and introduced the flexible armored Teflon lined hose to the racing industry in the 1960s.

Earl's racing heritage is second to none and is quite possibly the winningest plumbing in history. Earl's plumbing has been on the vast majority of Indy 500 winners and still powers top teams each weekend today.

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Works Bell

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Works Bell is recognised worldwide as a premium manufacturer of very high quality steering quick releases, steering wheel boss kits, and steering wheel spacers.

Founded in 1950 in Tokyo as "Miyashita Manufacturing Co. Ltd", Works Bell has a 58 year history with a reputation for excellence in engineering and innovation.

The Tuners Group is the exclusive authorised national distributors for Works Bell in Australia.

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Oryx Raceware Camber Gauge

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The Oryx Camber Gauge is a precision built extruded aluminium tool, which allows you to measure the camber angle of your car's wheels and is an indispensible tool for adjusting your car's camber angles at the racetrack, setting up your car's suspension or any time you reassemble or make changes to your car's suspension.

It is designed and manufactured in Australia from extruded aluminium with a clear anodised finish, and is fitted with a precision level made in USA.

The innovative design of the Oryx Camber Guage means that it does not require batteries as it uses a precision spirit level, so it is always there ready to use, without the need to replace flat batteries.

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Tilton Engineering

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In 1972, McLane (Mac) and Adelle Tilton founded Tilton Engineering in El Segundo, California.

Tilton produces a wide range of driveline and brake components, in-cockpit controls and starter motors.

Brake components and in-cockpit controls include pedal assemblies, master cylinders, balance bars, proportioning valves and related accessories.

Tilton products are primarily designed for racing use and can be found worldwide in nearly every form of racing. Tilton continues to expand its offerings to includes products for the high-performance street market.

Tilton driveline components win numerous championships each year, including 17 of the 21 NASCAR Cup championships between 1992 and 2012.

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Krontec is located in Germany and specialises in precision machining and manufacturing work on the highest level for the motor racing, aircraft, aerospace and medical industries.

Some of Krontec's work includes parts manufacturing for the Bugatti Veyron, as well as hose assembly for F1-hydraulics.

Krontec's customers include winning teams in Formula One, Sports Cars, Touring Cars and Rallying.


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Trusted by teams in top categories worldwide, including WRC, GT racing, Porsche factory racecars and Formula One (including as the official brake fluid supplier to the Brawn GP Formula One team), Endless is one of the finest brake manufacturers on the planet.

The Tuners Group is an official authorised dealer for all Endless products.

We can supply you with the full range of Endless products, including all Endless competition brake pad compounds.

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SuperPro Suspension

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SuperPro is based in Australia and manufactures suspension components, particularly polyurethane suspension bushings, which it has been doing since 1983.

As a testament to SuperPro's quality, all SuperPro suspension components are covered by SuperPro with a lifetime warranty. SuperPro's warranty DOES include off-road and motorsport applications – because SuperPro fully supports these applications.

SuperPro products are formed using SuperPro's own engineered product designs and are made using a proprietary engineering grade polyurethane formula with unique material properties. SuperPro Polyurethane is a special elastomer based material which gives an extremely durable suspension product boasting the best characteristics of both rubber and plastic.

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BBS Wheels

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The Tuners Group is an authorised dealer for BBS Wheels. We are supplied by the BBS factory distribution channel.

We are able to supply the full range of BBS Road Wheels and BBS Racing Motorsport Wheels.

Each and every BBS product is the result of more than merely state-of-the-art engineering and highly innovative production methods.

It is also the essence of 35 years of involvement in international motorsport.

This solid background is what makes BBS products so unique.

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In 1977, two young drivers from Turin in Italy decided to make their dream of giving motorsports more safety and more style come true, and founded Sparco.

33 years later, Sparco S.p.A is an Italian company that manufactures seats, steering wheels and a range of racing products, and employs over 350 people in 5 offices spread over three continents.

Pictured at right is the Sparco Carbon Fibre 330 mm Diameter Steering Wheel.

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Molnar Hoists

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Molnar was founded in 1951 and has over the last 59 years become Australia's largest hydraulic hoist manufacturer.

Molnar hoists are Australian made, Australian owned and Australian designed.

Whether you're looking for a scissor lift for your home or business workshop, a hoist to increase your home garage's parking capacity, a hoist for your business, or a hoist to make working on your car in your home workshop safer and easier ... Molnar has a solution to suit your needs.

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The Tuners Group is a proud supplier of extremely high quality products from iconic Japanese manufacturer HKS.

Based in Japan and with a 36 year history stretching back to 1973, HKS has established itself as a leader in performance system solutions.

Today HKS is a fully integrated performance development company, supplying exhausts, engines, suspension, transmissions and electronics for street and racing applications.

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Project Mu

Project Mu 6 Piston Racing CaliperProject Mu 6 Piston Racing Caliper

The Tuners Group is as an official authorised dealer for the world reknowned, Japan based brake manufacturer, Project Mu.

Based in Saitama in Japan, Project Mu has a worldwide reputation for precision engineering and incredible durability of it's products.

In recent years Project Mu have firmly established themselves as World leaders in Endurance Brake Pad technology.

From the famous 24hr races at Nurburgring, Dubai and Tokachi to the 12 hour events in Sepang and Bathurst. Project Mu have supplied brake pads to many winning teams.

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Momo Top Light Professional Racing BootsMomo Top Light Professional Racing Boots

The Tuners Group is now able to supply a wide range of genuine Momo products to our customers, including Momo Racing Collection products and Momo wheels / rims.

The Momo Racing Collection is Momo's range of competition motorsport products.

The racing collection includes Momo Racing Steering Wheels, racing seats and seat bases, safety harnesses, fireproof racing suits, fireproof underwear, racing gloves, racing boots, helmets, karting equipment, and racing radio communications equipment.

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The Aquamist HFS3 Water Injection SystemThe Aquamist HFS3 Water Injection System

Based in the UK, Aquamist builds water injection systems.

The concept of injecting water into the internal combustion engine has been around for over 50 years.

Water injection has been seen on everything from Ferrari Formula One cars, Renault Formula One cars, circuit racing cars, a wide range of World Rally Championship cars and modified street cars.

Aquamist's systems use sophisticated electronics to process engine data, and to inject a precisely-metered quantity of freely available water into your engine's intake tract.

The Tuners Group is a factory authorised dealer for Aquamist systems and we are supplied directly by the Aquamist factory.

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The Tuners Group is now able to supply a range of genuine Syms Shift Knobs.

These very high quality shift knobs are rarely seen outside of Japan.

Syms is the manufacturer of the official Team Orange Shift Knobs, so they definitely know what they are doing in developing high quality shift knobs.

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