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The Tuners Group is very pleased to announce our appointment as an ARC factory authorised overseas distributor of the full range of ARC products.

There are currently only 10 authorised overseas distributors worldwide for ARC listed on the ARC website, and we are one of that small number of authorised overseas distributors.

We are supplied directly by the ARC factory in Japan.

About ARC

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ARC International Inc is based in Shizuoka, Japan.

ARC has a reputation for top quality, precision made parts, made from the highest quality materials, and made by highly skilled engineers and fabricators in Japan.

More than 90% of all Japanese Super GTC / JGTC cars runs ARC oil coolers, including Honda, Nissan and Toyota.

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Nakajima Racing team,which won the title of Formula Nippon this year, always uses ARC radiators and oil coolers.

Satoru Nakajima is the first japanese full time F1 driver. He chose ARC products to win Formula Nippon.

Nissan and Toyota always ask ARC to develop their prototype intercoolers, radiators, and oilcoolers for big races.

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Especially ARC has had an excellent and successful relationship with Nissan Racing Department for a long time.

Comments from Adam Richardson, Managing Director of The Tuners Group

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Adam Richardson, Managing Director of The Tuners Group said of the new arrangements with ARC ...

"We are immensely pleased to have been able to put together this factory authorised arrangement with ARC in Japan.

Our ethos has always been to only sell the world's finest parts from the world's finest manufacturers, and ARC epitomises that commitment to extremely high quality manufacturing and engineering, and true innovation.

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ARC's skills, engineering and huge levels of experience have contributed to enormous success for teams running ARC products in Super GT / JGTC, N1, Formula 3, Formula 3000 and D1GP, and we are very pleased to now be able to supply the same products to our customers.

ARC Titan Polished Titanium Shift KnobARC Titan Polished Titanium Shift Knob

Unlike many companies who sell ARC products, as we are supplied directly by the ARC factory in Japan, this gives us access to ARC factory data and ARC factory engineers knowledge.

And of course our new business relationship with the ARC factory provides our customers with an ironclad guarantee that when you purchase ARC products from The Tuners Group, you are dealing with an ARC factory authorised supplier, and can be 100% sure you are getting the genuine real deal ARC products, with the full ARC factory warranty.

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We warmly welcome ARC to our growing list of manufacturers whose products we sell, that includes Works Bell, the Porsche Motorsport Department, HKS, Project Mu, Syms, Momo, and other manufacturers of high quality, extremely well engineered, highly innovative products, and we encourage our customers to explore the ARC product range."

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How To Order ARC Products

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The full range of ARC products is currently being entered into our ordering system.

In the meantime, to order ARC products please browse the ARC website in English here for product information, then contact us and let us know which ARC product you wish to order, and we will add it to our ordering system for you rightaway ...

ARC Products

ARC's product range includes the following product categories ...









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