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BBS Super RS Forged Rims Wheels

BBS Super RSBBS Super RS

The legendary light weight and classic styling of the BBS RS Wheel returns in a version called the BBS Super RS.

This forged wheel pays tribute to the legendary BBS RS, and is produced with BBS's reknowned repuation for high quality.

The new Super RS version is available in a range of widths, diameters and offsets in 18" and 19" 5x114.3 PCD.

The weights of these wheels are:

Please see below for widths, diameters, offset and fitment info.

We Are An Authorised BBS Wheels Dealer

The Tuners Group is an authorised dealer for BBS Wheels.

We are supplied by the BBS factory distribution channel.

We are able to supply the full range of BBS Road Wheels and BBS Racing Motorsport Wheels.

By purchasing your BBS Wheels from the Tuners Group:

untitled image

Size & Fitment Info

BBS Super RS wheels are available in the following sizes:


SUPER-RS 50218√ó9.0425/114.360.0Contact Us For Latest Pricing* 
SUPER-RS 50718√ó10.0505/114.360.0Contact Us For Latest Pricing* 
SUPER-RS 53818√ó8.0385/114.360.0Contact Us For Latest Pricing  


SUPER-RS 53219√ó8.5385/114.3PFSContact Us For Latest Pricing *
SUPER-RS 53319√ó9.5385/114.3PFSContact Us For Latest Pricing**

Manufacturing Info, Videos and Background Info About BBS Wheels

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We have a whole section of our website dedicated to BBS wheels, including info on the full range of BBS Wheels, as well as links to videos showing how BBS Wheels are made.

Click here to view our main BBS Wheels page

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