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St Cross Electronics Farringdon Instruments FISW-X Steering Wheel

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The new FISW-X Steering Wheel from St. Cross Electronics is a fully electronic wheel that has paddle shift capability plus a 3 window LED section which gives the driver information about RPM, gauges, alarms etc.

The FISW-X Steering Wheel integrates an LED display with Gear Shift Paddles and other ECU Control functions into a single system with either a RS232 or CAN Interface.

It is compatible with all ECU’s including MoTec, EFI, Cosworth, Life Racing and KMS to name but a few.

All components are sourced by St Cross Electronics and built by St Cross Electronics in the UK.

Priced from UK £2,200 (approx Australian $3,295 on current exchange rates), this steering wheel can put technology rarely seen outside of F1 into your hands for a fraction of F1 prices.

The main features of the system are as follows:

Internal Steering Wheel Functions include:

CAN Interfaces

Some of the ECU's that can be connected to the FISW Steering Wheel are the Pectel SQ6, EFI Euro 4 and 12, MoTec (various models), MBE, DTA, Life Racing etc.

RS232 Interfaces

The Stack RS232 protocol transmitted by some ECU's will be supported by RS232 versions.

Power Requirements

9 to 16 volts at less than 1 amp. Load dump protected to 75 volts and reverse polarity protected.

Outline Dimensions

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Steering Wheel Grips

The grips for the steering wheel are moulded ABS with a “soft tough” coating. These can be changed easily if they become worn. Further they can be removed and painted in alternative colours.

An optional Alcantara or Suede covering over the part of the grips held by the driver can be added if required.

Two types of wheel are available at present, FISW-2 does not have the two traction control rotary switches whereas the FISW-4 has four rotary switches.


Aside from custom coloured grips or with suede coverings, other options include custum silk screening such as team names, centre boss connector for electronics, thereby losing the curly cable.

Please contact us if you have any questions or for ordering info.

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