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Trusted by teams in top categories worldwide, including WRC, GT racing, Porsche factory racecars and Formula One (including as the official brake fluid supplier to the Brawn GP Formula One team), Endless is one of the finest brake manufacturers on the planet.

The Tuners Group is an official authorised dealer for Endless products.

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In 1986 Isao Hanazato founded ENDLESS ADVANCE to develop brake pads based on his own racing experiences.

He had found that the racing pads available in many cases had insufficient performance and suffered from many compromises hampering the serious racer.

Endless goal in development is to create a well balanced braking system with excellent performance as a whole.

As a result of this they started in the beginning of the 90´s to develop brake discs and brake fluid exceeding all DOT specifications.

The latter years has also seen the introduction of their own 4- and 6-piston calipers which has proved themselves in the Japanese GT series.

All development and manufacturing is made in-house to keep full control of the end quality of the product.

Endless' Motorsport Heritage

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During the 1987 season, Endless newly developed pads made their racing debut in the Japanese F3000 championship at Suzuka.

This first outing was a great success and within a year Endless had acquired 70% of the brake pad market in Japanese circuit racing, winning championships in both F3000 and group C sports car racing.

Based out of Saku-City in Nagano where all manufacturing and development takes place, Endless has since had great success in all racing classes in Japan and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Risi Competizione, 2008 & 2009 24 Hours of Le Mans GT2 Champions, proudly choose Endless brake padsRisi Competizione, 2008 & 2009 24 Hours of Le Mans GT2 Champions, proudly choose Endless brake pads

From 1996 and on ENDLESS has also been involved in the European competition scene supplying brake pads to several of the major teams in BTCC, and being part of the championship wins with Volvo and Ford in 1998 and 2000 respectively.

In European endurance racing, Risi Competizione, 2008 & 2009 24 Hours of Le Mans GT2 Champions, proudly choose Endless brake pads

The World Rally Championship is also part of the ENDLESS arena for competition, originally in FIA Allstars, and thereafter supplying both equipment and technical development assistance to several teams in WRC as well as to both factory and private teams in group N, PWRC and JWRC/Super 1600, achieving great success in co-operation with amongst other Renault Sport, Ford Motorsport, Mitsubishi Ralliart and Subaru Motorsport.

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Since 2003 Endless has also been involved in Formula One as a supplier of brake fluid to the Honda F1 Team and thereafter Brawn GP.

Endless Products

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Endless manufactures some of the world's finest:

The Tuners Group is an official authorised dealer for all Endless products. We are supplied by the factory authorised distribution channel, guaranteeing that you get the genuine real deal Endless product, backed by the Endless factory warranty.

Endless Brake Fluid

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RF-650 is the top of range brake fluid from Endless and is widely used in the racing categories such as: F1, WRC, Paris-Dakar and GT Racing.

It is used as original equipment on Porsche factory racecars and has proven itself in the heat of battle at many endurance events.

It is highly recommended for race meetings for its high boiling point and durability. With a dry boiling point of 323°C, it is one of the highest performing brake fluids on the planet.

Additionally, as Endless RF-650 is not a silicone based fluid, if you are currently not running a silicone based brake fluid you can likely use RF-650 in your car without needing to replace seals etc. Contact us to check compatibility with your existing brake system.

Click here to order Endless RF-650 brake fluid

Endless Brake Pads

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Endless manufactures performance street pads, multi-purpose street and track pads, and a very wide range of competition brake pads.

In the sports pad range, we can supply you with ...

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For competition cars, we can supply you with the full range of Endless competition and race pad compounds including ...

Click here to view our Endless competition brake pads overview which has detailed specifications on these pad compounds

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