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Momo Racing Collection Steering Wheels, Road Wheels / Rims, Racing Suits, Racing Seats, Racing Safety Harnesses and Karting Equipment

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The Tuners Group is very proud to announce that we are now able to supply a wide range of genuine Momo products to our customers, including Momo Racing Collection products and Momo wheels / rims.

The Momo Racing Collection is Momo's range of competition motorsport products.

The racing collection includes Momo Racing Steering Wheels, racing seats and seat bases, safety harnesses, fireproof racing suits, fireproof underwear, racing gloves, racing boots, helmets, karting equipment, and racing radio communications equipment.

Comments from Adam Richardson, Managing Director of The Tuners Group

Momo Racing Collection GP2 Series Steering WheelMomo Racing Collection GP2 Series Steering Wheel

Adam Richardson, Managing Director of The Tuners Group said of our appointment as an official authorised Momo supplier ...

"We are immensely pleased to be able to offer Momo products to our customers. The name Momo is synonymous with success at the very highest levels of motorsport, particularly in touring cars and Formula One.

Look at many historic racing photos from the 1950's and 1960's and you will often see a Momo Prototipo steering wheel on those cars. Fast forward to today and you will find Momo parts on a huge range of racing cars competing at the very highest levels of motorsport.

Momo customised professional racing suitMomo customised professional racing suit

Momo's range of Racing Collection products fit perfectly with our ethos of only selling the highest quality original products designed by the world's leading innovative manufacturers.

Momo Racing Collection products compliment our other manufacturers very well, and we are immensely pleased to see Momo joining our growing stable of high quality manufacturers, which includes Works Bell, Syms, AP Racing, the official Porsche Motorsport Department, Shift-I Shift Lights, Nardi, and Personal.

Momo Top Light Professional Racing BootsMomo Top Light Professional Racing Boots

Momo's competition racing steering wheels complement our range of Works Bell Quick Releases perfectly (particularly our "no splines" Works Bell Rapfix Racing Quick Release and our tilting Rapfix GTC, GTC-R and GTC Hybrid tilting quick releases as seen in the V8 Supercar Championship, particularly at the Bathurst 1000 and endurance races.

So we are very pleased to be able to now offer both Works Bell Quick Releases and Momo Racing Collection Steering Wheels for our racing customers.

Momo Safari Racing SeatMomo Safari Racing Seat

The Momo Racing Catalog also includes an excellent range of other products, everything from racing seats and racing suits, right through to racing radio communications equipment.

There is also an interesting historic link between Works Bell and Momo ... Works Bell's history started in 1950 in Tokyo as "Miyashita Manufacturing Co. Ltd".

As far back as 1969, Miyashita Manufacturing were doing fabrication work for both Momo and Nardi. So it's interesting to see that link between two of our manufacturers."

Genuine Guarantee & Counterfeits Warning

Say no to fakes, counterfeits & knock-offs !Say no to fakes, counterfeits & knock-offs !

In order to guarantee authenticity so that our customers can be 100% assured of getting the genuine, real deal, Momo product and not some cheap and nasty counterfeit or knock off made somewhere in south east Asia, all our Momo products are guaranteed 100% genuine Momo products and are sourced only through Momo's authorised factory distribution channel.

So by purchasing from us you are absolutely assured of getting the genuine, real deal, Momo product.

We Ship Worldwide

We ship worldwide !We ship worldwide !

We ship worldwide, so we can deliver any of Momo's products to your door !

Browse Momo Racing Collection Products

We warmly welcome Momo to The Tuners Group, and encourage our customers to explore the Momo Racing Collection range.

Momo Top Light 6P Hans Formula Racing HarnessMomo Top Light 6P Hans Formula Racing Harness

The Momo Racing Collection products will be added to our ordering system over the next few days.

In the meantime, you can browse the full Momo Racing Collection range -

How To Order Momo Racing Collection Products

Please contact us to order any Momo products you require.

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