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Syms Shift Knobs Now Available

untitled image

untitled image

The Tuners Group is very pleased to announce that we can now supply a range of genuine Syms Shift Knobs.

These very high quality shift knobs are rarely seen outside of Japan.

untitled image

Syms is the manufacturer of the official Team Orange Shift Knobs, so they definitely know what they are doing in developing high quality shift knobs.

Available shift knobs

untitled image

The Syms Round Shift Knob is available in a white version, a wood version and a WRC charcoal / black version.

Please click on the links below to view or order each version ...

Close up photos

untitled image

We have an image gallery here showing detail photos of the Syms Team Orange Shift Knob, so have a look at these photos ito get an idea of Syms quality close up ...

created on 2009-06-02 17:28:07 by adamr