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Works Bell U-Turn Airbag Warning Cancellation Harness Info

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untitled image

The Works Bell "U-turn harness" allows the driver to bypass the airbag signal in order to prevent the in-dash airbag warning light flashing or staying on once an aftermarket wheel is installed.

The Works Bell U-Turn Airbag Warning Cancellation Harness is included at no cost with Works Bell short bosses for vehicles which had an airbag ex-factory.

It can also be ordered as an option with any purchase of a Works Bell standard length boss or Works Bell steering wheel.

There are two kinds of harnesses, a male type and a female type, depending on the shape of air bag coupler on the car.

The air bag cancellation mechanism may not work on all vehicles.

created on 2010-11-23 06:52:51 by adamr