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New Versions Of Works Bell Rapfix II Steering Wheel Quick Release - new black Toshiki Yoshioka ToshiKing version and new blue version

untitled image

Works Bell has just announced a new design for the Toshiki Yoshioka ToshiKing Rapfix II Steering Quick Release.

From June 2009, the old blue version of the ToshiKing Rapfix II will no longer be sold, and instead it has been replaced with a new black version with white writing as shown above.

Orders can be placed for the new black Yoshioka Toshiking version of the Rapfix II by clicking here.

Brand new blue version of the Works Bell Rapfix IIBrand new blue version of the Works Bell Rapfix II

If you are looking for a blue quick release, there is now a new blue version of the Rapfix II with Works Bell branding.

Click here for more info and photos of the Blue Works Bell logo'd Rapfix II.

created on 2009-06-10 01:48:39 by adamr

updated on 2009-06-10 01:55:17