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Convert your H-pattern transmission to sequential shifting with the SSS Drive Sequential Shifting System supported by KAPS Transmissions

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The Tuners Group is very pleased to announce that the SSS Drive Sequential System System is now available from The Tuners Group.

The Age Old Mis-Shift Problem - Solved

Missed shifts with an H pattern gearbox can cost you precious time at the track.

The dreaded mis-shift across the shift gate from 5th gear to 2nd gear when you meant to shift from 5th to 4th can result in a drastic over rev of your engine, and can cause catastrophic damage to your engine.

Similarly on cars with 6 speed H pattern gearboxes a mis-shift from 6th gear to 3rd gear when you meant to shift from 6th to 5th can destroy an engine in seconds.

Additionally many track racers would love to be able to run a full sequential gearbox in their car, but do not have the budget for a full sequential gearbox.

The Tuners Group is very pleased to be able to provide a solution to these problems ...

Product Info

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The SSS Sequential Shifting System is a revolutionary patented product that converts your car's manually shifted standard H pattern shifting, to a sequential shifting mechanism.

Instead of trying to find the right gear across the H pattern, with the SSS Sequential Shifting System, you simply move the shift lever back to change up a gear, and forward to change down a gear.

The SSS Sequential Shifting System attaches to the exterior of your car's standard H-pattern gearbox, so there are no internal changes required to your gearbox to run the SSS system on your car.

A large, high visibility gear indicator allows you to see at a glance which gear you are in.

SSS Push Pull Single Paddle ShifterSSS Push Pull Single Paddle Shifter

Additionally the system can be used with an optional paddle shifter if you want the speed and convenience of paddles. So the choice of a gearlever or paddles is yours.

Installing the SSS will enable you to:


The SSS Drive System is available for the following vehicles:


Videos of the SSS Drive system in action can be viewed here ...

More info, pricing etc can be found here ...

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