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Our Favourite Motorsport Videos

This page contains a few of our favourite motorsport and engineering videos.

You'll need a reasonably fast broadband connection to get the best out of these videos. If you have a slower connection, start playing a video, then press pause until the video finishes loading then press the play button to get smoother playback.

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Click on the links below to view the videos ...

Newest Videos

Inside Spyker Formula One - Aerodynamics Video

HKS Factory Tour Video

Redbull Formula One F1 Factory Tour Video

Ken Block Gymkhana Practice - The Sequel

Walking 6 legged CNC Router Robot Video

Boston Dynamics Big Dog Robot Video ... absolutely incredible engineering !

Pagani Zonda R Official Commercial Trailer Movie

Video is of an absolutely incredible save by Jason Plato in a recent round of the BTCC at Brands Hatch. Plato holds a 90 degree slide at full race pace ... in a front wheel drive car !

Ayrton Senna & Nigel Mansell fighting in the final laps of the 1992 Monaco Formula One Grand Prix

A great video from Japan of an AE86 drift team called Shake Of Worker with Signal

British Touring Car Championship BTCC 1998 Donington Park Video - described by many as the best race ever in BTCC history

Senator John McCain's wife tells CNN that she is a drifter

Porsche 935 Motor Dyno Video - 969 hp in all it's glory

Team Orange demonstrate the "head to head" drift

Mercedes CLK-GTR video

Works Bell sponsored driver Toshiki Yoshioka interviewed by RiceBoy TV after his monster drift winning performance in Las Vegas

Porsche's incredible engine test rig - this amazing bit of engineering simulates the g-forces that Porsche's cars experience around the Nurburgring

The 800 hp Iconic GTR - a modern take on the Cobra

Legal Porsche Street Racing at the New York Auto Show

Inside Farnbacher Loles Porsche Tuning Workshop

Alex Roy Interviews Alex Zanardi - great interview about racing, karting, gaming and the innovative car controls Zanardi developed after his accident

Porsche GT2 vs Corvette Z06

Porsche Videos

Walter Rohrl showing how early 911's should be driven
Windows WMV version
Quicktime version

Porsche 935 & 936 RSR History

Porsche at the Monterey Historics

The Australian supercharged early 911RS Replica

Porsche 917 - The most powerful road racing car ever built

The History of Ruf

Porsche Carrera GT

Hurley Haywood driving the Carrera GT

Porsche GT3 RS on frozen lake in Sweden

Motorsport & Racing Videos

Bathurst 2007 Track Guide - probably the best video about the track where the iconic Australian Bathurst 1000km race is held that we've ever seen.

Porsche vs Ferrari Battle - Final lap ALMS Sebring GT2

A tribute to Alex Zanardi's incredible talent

Ultima GTR breaking the Top Gear track record

Ultima GTR Twin Turbo goes from 0-340 km/h in 19 seconds

Nissan GT-R runs a 7:38 at Nurburgring

Ari Vartenen at Pikes Peak in the Peugeot

Nurburgring ... in a 911 ... in mid winter ... with the track covered in ice

One of the funniest racing videos you'll ever see

Amazing Tuner Cars

The JUN Supra drifting in Japan

UK Based Z-Cars' mindblowing all wheel drive twin engined Ultima running twin turbocharged Hayabusa bike engines

What happens when you bolt a 115hp 1100cc sportbike engine into a go kart weighing just 135kg

Japanese Tuner Scoot's Incredible 4 Rotor RX-7

Top Gear presents the Ultima GTR

Porsche 917 - The most powerful road racing car ever built

Rallycross Videos

Rallycross is an extremely popular form of racing in Northern Europe. Frankly we'd like to see it take off in other countries. It's a unique mix of stadium racing, drifting, circuit racing and rallying

Das ist Rallycross

Rallycross 2007

Lyngas 1994

Not so amazing cars

Chinese built car failing the crash test

Thrust SSC Videos

The current World Land Speed Record Holder

Thrust SSC Montage

Thrust SSC in-car

Thrust SSC Mirage

Car Control

Tiff Needell's Powerslide Tutorial

Tiff Needell power sliding a 911 Turbo

Colin McRae - Power Slide Lessons

Colin McRae - Scandinavian Flick & Handbrake Lessons

Wild Autocross Mini - Great car control

Top Gear Madness

Our favourite segments from the British TV series

Clarkson shooting cars

Top Gear Build A Space Shuttle From a Robin Reliant

Richard Hammond's Scandinavian Flick

Clarkson Boxster vs Mercedes SLK55 AMG Video

TV Commericals

The Trunk Monkey - A brilliant ad campaign from Suburban Auto Group - everyone needs a Trunk Monkey !

Banned Kawasaki Commercial #1

Banned Kawasaki Commercial #2

BMW M5 Jet Car Banned Commercial

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