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Endless Brakes - Competition & Racing Brake Pad Compounds Specifications Overview

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Below is an overview of various Endless competition / racing brake pads.

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There are two tables - one for sprint and rally pads, and a second for endurance racing pads.

Pads are listed in ascending order by friction co-efficient.

The Tuners Group is an official authorised dealer for Endless.

Retail pricing for Endless competition pads starts from Australian $450.

Retail pricing on Endless N48M pads starts from Australian $900.

Please contact us for latest pricing for your application.

Other Endless products can be found in our main Endless section here ...

Sprint Racing And Rally Pads

CompoundMaterialPurpose Friction Average Remarks
N20JSemi-MetalRally & Sprint Race0.28 - 0.33

If your car has brake booster, N20J can work well for Grevel of Gr.N

On Gr.A, you need high pedal pressure but having good modulation and suitable for front of one make race series in cars like Honda Civic.

S55GSemi-MetallicSprint Race0.28 - 0.33
ME22Semi-MetalRally & Sprint Race0.33 - 0.38

ME22 was developed from the ME20 base compound.

ME22 offers slightly lower friction levels than ME20 to improve modulation.

Development is focused on light to middle weight cars.

ME22 has a slightly lower friction level than ME20 and including much graphite for lubricating.

So the friction is so stable and does not show high build up.

MD51Semi-MetalWinter Rally0.35 - 0.40

MD51 can start to work from low temp. So it's used for winter rally events.

The performance is similar to ME20, but the heat resistance as high as ME20.

ME20Semi-MetalRally & Race Sprint-Medium0.35 - 0.40

ME20 is a competition pad with strong yet stable mu levels at high temperatures while maintaining low wear.

Developed for highly competitive touring cars focused on driving technique. Popular in BTCC, WTCC, PWRC, International Rally, etc.

This is a standard pad for sprint and medium distance races.

It has high bite with good modulation. Many Lancer Gr.N cars run these pads in rally events.

N03WSemi-MetalRally & Race
0.38 - 0.43

Track only compound with lower initial bite to increase ease of modulation.

Quick response with consistent and stable mu levels.

Low pad wear.

N03W has lower friction than N35S with better modulation.

The character is similar to N35S, so the response is good.

N35SSemi-MetalRally & Race
0.40 - 0.43

Track only compound that exhibits stable performance at high temperatures and brake loads with quick, sharp and responsive friction.

Extremely stable and superb modulation.

Popular in WRC, FIA GT Car, International Rally, and various One-Make races. Quite often our first recommendation for track-only cars.

This has high response with high bite. At high temp, it can lubricate well and work stablly.

If ME20 does not have high enough bite for you, consider N35S.

PC35Semi-MetalRally & Race
0.40 - 0.45

This is developed from / based on N35S and shows stiff pedal and good wear.

The bite level is not different from N35S, but the responding is little bit quick.

Long pre-bedding is required with PC35.

W003Semi-MetallicTrack Only0.40 - 0.45Track only compound developed for racing conditions with very high braking temperatures.

Developed using new production technology, it exhibits superb initial bite and pedal feel with great modulation characteristics.

Combined with lower wear characteristics than the "N_ _S" series, the W003 has been described as the ideal compound for sprint road racing.

N40SSemi-MetallicTrack Only0.45 - 0.52Track only compound with higher friction levels than N35S.

Exhibits stable performance at high temperatures and brake loads with quick, sharp and responsive braking force.

Excellent modulation.

Popular in WRC, FIA GT Car, PWRC, International Rally, and various One-Make races.

N30CSemi-MetalRally & Race
0.50 - 0.60

If  you need high bite and good modulation pads for low grip circuite or tire, you can choose N30C.

This pad has high bite, but can be controlled with pressure and pedal travel.

Wear is quicker than some other compounds.

N45SSemi-MetallicTrack Only0.50 - 0.60Exhibits immediate, high levels of friction with little pedal effort resulting in a quick reacting car that maintains good modulation.

Used in Japan Rally Championship cars without brake boosters.

Endurance Racing Pads

CompoundMaterialPurpose Friction Average Remarks
YS455SinteredEndurance Race0.28 - 0.33

YS455 has quite good initial respondse with high bite levels.

If run at high temp (over 550C), the friction level drops with low wear.

N84MSemi-MetalEndurance Race0.30 - 0.35

The wear is very low and the friction level good for endurance race.

The modulation is excellent also.

At some circuits which are hard on brakes, you may be better to use ME20 to lower the temp.

MA45BSemi-MetallicEndurance Races0.30 - 0.35Developed for endurance racing and immensely popular in Europe with a long history of great race results.

Used by entrants in the Nurburgring and Spa 24-hour races.

Lower mu levels with great stability ensures high performance throughout the entire race.

Excellent modulation and stability.

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