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The Tuners Group's Racecar Engineering & Development Team

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In the tradition of specialised engineering teams like those used in specialised aerospace and defence projects, our Engineering & Development Team is a small team of highly specialised senior experts, with many many years experience.

Our specialised range of race engineering and development services is available to professional race teams, privateer race teams and drivers, racing series organisers, and parts manufacturers.

Team members include extremely experienced race engineers, design engineers, and aerodynamics experts.

Our Engineering & Development Team can provide both professional racing teams and privateers with access to specialised engineering skills and knowledge which many teams do not have inhouse.

Our development team is able to provide the full range of services needed to take your car to the next level.

Our engineering capabilities include:

We also provide virtual wind tunnel computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation - we have our own CFD supercomputer cluster / virtual wind tunnel inhouse.

Engineering & Development Team Members Info

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Members of The Tuners Group's Engineering & Development Team include:

Engineering Services Overview

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Adam Richardson, Managing Director of The Tuners Group said about the Engineering & Development Team:

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There is no substitute for hands on experience when it comes to developing racecars, and we have assembled a team with a collective experience that is exceptional.

Our Engineering & Development Team's combined skills allow us to provide a full range of development services to both professional teams and privateers, to help you cut your lap times, fast track the speed of development of your car, and gives you access to experts who know exactly what works and what doesn't work.

Our years of experience with our racing clients has taught us that the best way to improve the performance of any track car or race car is to take an engineering driven approach to the development of the car.

The laws of physics do not change over time, and our experience and understanding of how to apply science and engineering to our client's projects and racecars is borne out by the enormous success achieved by our clients in multiple racing categories all around the world.

Our wide range of work with our clients, ranging all the way from serious privateers running their race cars on weekends, right through to our involvement with the Aussie Invader 5R land speed record car (the world's most powerful car and the most powerful land speed record car ever built), and the many track records and countless race wins by our clients, speak volumes about our experience and our clients' success.

Our application of science, physics and engineering to making our clients go faster and break records simply works - in multiple racing categories. Some of the projects we have been involved with can be seen in our Customer Cars Gallery.

Whether you are looking to make your car handle better, improve your car's aero package, develop custom racing parts, squeeze more power from your car, improve your car's braking performance, improve reliability for endurance events, or to build a time attack monster, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to take your car to the next level.

We are not a marketing company selling "widgets in a box". We are an engineering company, and every product we design and sell is engineering driven.

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We don't spend hours every day marketing our products and services on social media. We let the stopwatch do the talking.

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If you would like more information about how our Engineering and Development Team can help you, or if you have a particular project you want us to be involved with, please contact us.